• Age group: Kindergarten and 1st graders
  • Goal: A playful introduction to Classic skiing.
  • Practices: Sitzmarks meet once weekly for 7 weeks (Mondays 4 - 5pm), starting in late December and ending in mid-February.
  • Registration Fee: TBD
  • Contact: Justin Carvitto

All Ski Team members need to have a LWSC season pass. They are on sale now, and prices will go up at the end of October.



Sitzmarks meet every Monday from 4 - 5pm, however, practices during school holidays may be canceled or held at different times. In rare instances practice sessions are moved to a different location or canceled last minute due to poor conditions or inclement weather. We do what we can to minimize these situations and will communicate any changes to the schedule or cancellations as soon as possible.

Unless notified, all practices will be held at the Icicle River Trails.


Skiers are placed in peer groups based on age and skill level. We have a group of talented, dedicated and fun-loving coaches who will help you skier to gain new skills, feel confident in their abilities, and have a great time while doing it.


This is a fun introduction to cross country skiing - skiers need not have any prior experience on skis.


Entirely Optional. There are three races held in Leavenworth annually (Skirennen, Kick your Sticks and Bakke Cup). Skiers are encouraged to compete, but these events will take place outside of normal practice times.

At race events, the Sitzmark racers will compete by age and gender brackets against skiers from all over the Northwest. If skiers choose to race, they will represent the LWSC Junior Nordic Team. Coaches and parents will be present as a support network to aid skiers in registration/ bib collection/ warm ups/ etc.


Weekly program updates will be available on this webpage under the 'Weekly Updates' tab. The calendar will be updated as well, and links to all of the information will be sent weekly via a Ski Team Newsletter.

Parent Commitment

Parent help is important and very much appreciated. Contact Justin Carvitto to see how you can help.

Sitzmark skiers need one set of skis, boots and poles.

We use waxless classic skis. These have a fish scale pattern on the base which grips the snow to propel the skier forward and keep them from sliding backwards. The length of the ski is determined by skier weight. It’s not an exact science and in this introductory program it is okay to have skis that are 'close enough'.

Your skier will need a pair of cross-country ski boots that are compatible with the bindings on their skis. If you don't get your skis and boots at the same time or from the same place, be sure to check that binding systems are the same. The two options are NNN and SNS - and unfortunately they don't work together.

The ski poles should be Nordic ski poles, which have a more ergonomic grip than alpine poles, are longer and have a triangular shaped basket. They should be long enough to fit snugly in the armpits when standing up nice and tall.

Still have questions? email Justin.

Arlberg Sports Haus and Der Sportsmann carry new kid-sized gear, Arlberg Sports Haus does seasonal rentals and used gear is available via Craigslist, the LWSC facebook Buy & Sell page, your neighbor and the LWSC Ski Swap.

Registration will open in October.

If you want to be the first to know, read your Ski Teams Newsletters. If you're not receiving the Newsletter but would like to, email Callie Baker.

The Registration Fee goes towards purchasing training materials, subsidizing Team Apparel costs, paying our Junior Nordic Team coaches and a paying a portion of the Youth Program Director's salary.