James Munly

Position: General Manager

James was born and raised Washingtonian and has called Leavenworth home since 1993. He has worked in the ski industry for 25+ years and has worked with Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance for decades to get multi-use, year-round trails built in and around Ski Hill. He taught both of his boys to ski both Nordic and Alpine at Ski Hill. As a previous owner of a local bike shop here in Leavenworth, he learned what it means to be part of a community. James is committed to furthering the Club's growth and to witness it prosper for future generations. 

Mark Milliette

Position: El Jefe

Mark joined LWSC for the start of the 2012-2013 season after completing 14 years with Mission Ridge Ski Resort. For several years he's lived in Leavenworth, been a Club member and helped coordinate Hog Loppet.


Position: Mischief Maker

Not technically a staff member, Trolgar is our volunteer mischief maker. He specializes in single mitten thievery, Nordic trail pine cone placement and obscuring the snowshoe trail signs from view.


Position: Trail Gnome

Gnorman is the LWSC's family friendly Gnome. You can find him hanging out in the Lodge or hiding out on one of the numerous trails at Ski Hill. Find him? Take your picture with him! He has his very own Instagram Account.

Sarah Brawley

Position: Lodge Manager

Andrew Wainwright

Position: Lodge Staff

Justine Pulse

Position: Lodge Staff