James Munly

Position: General Manager

I'm a born and raised Washingtonian who moved to Leavenworth full time in 1993. I have worked in the Ski Industry for 25+ years and have enjoyed a family season pass with the LWSC for 10+ years.  I have worked with Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance for decades to get multi-use, year-round trails built in and around Ski Hill.  As a previous owner of the local bike shop here in town, I learned what it means to be part of a community.   I have taught our boys to ski both Nordic and Alpine at Ski Hill and am excited to have an opportunity to participate in the Club's growth and witness it prosper for future generations. 

Mark Milliette

Position: El Jefe

Mark joined LWSC for the start of the 2012-2013 season after completing 14 years with Mission Ridge Ski Resort. For several years he's lived in Leavenworth, been a Club member and helped coordinate Hog Loppet.

Steve Allen

Position: Grooming & Maintenance Manager

Skiing has been a part of my life since the mid-60’s. I started teaching at Wenatchee Valley College in '72 and in '74-75 found myself doing maintenance at Squilchuck State Park. In the spring of '75 I went to work for Mission Ridge. That was a time when everybody did everything. I was fortunate to work with Magnus Bakke. His brother Hermod built the first dam for snow making at Mission. Little did I know it would become a lifelong passion. Along the way I've worked for Riblet Tramway Company installing/troubleshooting chairlifts. I'd been at Stevens Pass for 24 years and retired in 2014. I am excited to be part of LWSC. The area is historic and has provided a fun winter experience for a very long time. I have always said that if you are having fun, you’re the best skier on the mountain!! 

David Preston

Position: Ski School

David is a Level 3 Certified instructor and spends his winters between Edmonds and Leavenworth. He enjoys students of all ages and loves to see the smiling faces as they learn to turn. His great instructors make our Ski Hill a really magical place. When the snow melts he runs a medical insurance agency.


Position: Mischief Maker

Not technically a staff member, Trolgar is our volunteer mischief maker. He specializes in single mitten thievery, Nordic trail pine cone placement and obscuring the snowshoe trail signs from view.