Core Endurance Course

Come workout with a view!

These stations were put in by the Forest Service Firefighters, who train on the core work out stations then run/hike with their fire equipment.

These stations are available for the public to use. Please treat them with respect.

There are suggested work outs at each station. This is a great area to do some core work outs and then get a run or bike ride in.






Endurance Course

Available Stations:

  • Station 1: Chin Up
  • Station 2: Log Hop
  • Station 3: Squat Jump
  • Station 4: Dips
  • Station 5: Steps ups or push ups
  • Station 6: Sit Ups
  • Station 7: Bench Blast
  • Station 8: Basket Hangs
  • Station 9: Log Walk
  • Station 10: Push Up
  • Station 11: Bar Walk
  • Station 12: Steps ups or push ups
  • Station 13: Leg Lift
  • Station 14: Step Up




Endurance Course
Each station has suggested exercises and instructions.