Golf Course

In this lovely setting the tracks and skating lanes climb hills to offer skiers spectacular views of the Wenatchee River below and the Cascade mountains beyond. They descend in wide sweeping curves or more thrilling direct runs to join the river before winding through open groves of huge pines to climb another hill.

Snowshoe Trail

New this year at the Golf Course is snow shoeing! The Golf Course Snow Shoe Trail is marked and maintained by the footsteps of the users.  The Trail fee is $12.  Do not venture onto the ski trail. Snowshoeing is not allowed on the groomed skiing surface at the Golf Course.


Available only at the Golf Course, is sledding! Bring your own sled and enjoy the ride. This is a great place to bring the family and young ones. The sledding hill at the Golf Course will be maintained by LWSC. Sledding is only allowed in the designated sledding area. Sled area fee is $9.  Do not venture onto the ski trail.


Quick Stats
Total Trails: 8km
Night Skiing: No
Dog Friendly: No
Average Season: 90+ Days
Average Temp: 28°
Available Activities

 Golf Course Trails
 Distance (K)
 Distance (Miles)  Difficulty
 Nordic  7k  4.5 miles  Intermediate
 Snowshoe  3k  1.8 miles  Easy