Junior Alpine Ski Team

Alpine Ski Team

  • Age group: skiers between 7-16 years of age
  • Goal: Skiers gain the important life skills of independence, discipline, work ethic, how to fail, how to succeed, commitment, teamwork, and sportsmanship while gaining an understanding of the fundamentals of alpine skiing; can navigate slalom and giant slalom courses, and be able to handle any terrain the mountain may offer. Skiers are also afforded the opportunity to try out the Nordic Ski Jump and learn the skill of ski jumping.
  • Practices: The Junior Alpine Team meets twice weekly for 8 weeks (Wednesdays & Fridays, 5:30 - 7:00pm), starting in early January.
  • Registration Fee: $115
  • Contact: [email protected]

All Ski Team members need to have a LWSC season pass.


Junior Alpine Skiers meet on Wednesdays and Fridays from 5:30-7:00pm. All skiers will meet at the base of the BIG tow where as a team we will warm up and gather for instructions. Parents are not required to ski with their skier unless the skier is unable to get up the big tow on their own (please see requirements below).

Our schedule is set to compliment the Nordic Ski Program and a large portion of our skiers participate in both programs.


Our coaching is parent and volunteer-driven. Fortunately, our little community of Leavenworth has an abundance of talent and enthusiasm. This program includes team coaching and support at the 3 outstanding alpine races throughout Washington.


    • Kids must be avid skiers who can handle a variety of conditions and situations.
    • Ability requirements need to be met by each individual racer to participate in the program.
      • Be able to ride the big rope tow (if a skier needs assistance, a parent or guardian must be present with the skier at all times).
    • Coaches will determine if the child has the general skiing ability and focus to participate safely on the race course during the first week of practice.
    • If it is determined that a skier is not ready for the Junior Alpine Ski Team, a refund will be offered.

    Kids can come a long way in a few weeks of skiing. If your child can make it to the top of the big tow (with poles) unassisted, then they are most likely ready for the team.


    Weekly program updates will be available on this webpage under the 'Weekly Updates' tab. The calendar will be updated as well, and links to all of the information will be sent weekly via a Ski Team Newsletter.


    Entirely optional but highly encouraged.

    At race events, the LWSC Alpine Racers will compete by age and gender brackets against skiers from all over the Northwest.

    Most of the LWSC Alpine Racers will have several opportunities to compete. Currently, we have the following races:

    February 4- Bakke Cup, Leavenworth, WA

    February 11-12 - Wolf Chase, Loup Loup Ski Bowl, Omak, WA

    February 25-26 - Wild Katz, Stevens Pass, Leavenworth, WA

    March 25-26 - Squirrel Cup, Mission Ridge, Wenatchee, WA

    These events are well suited for first time and younger racers. Each race offers up a unique experience for newer racers to get a feel for the sport in a fun and enriching environment. LWSC Alpine Coaches are present for each of these races however, parents are responsible for getting their racer to and from the ski hill. Just to note...Parents have a good time, too! Keep an eye out within our Weekly Updates for more information on each race. 

    Parent Commitment

    The LWSC Alpine Ski Team is almost entirely self-funded, coached, and run by parent volunteers. This has allowed the club to remain accessible to any and all kids that want to ski competitively and we have had great success over the years developing the average kids into great adults, and in a few cases onto national and international skiing success. If you are interested in assisting our coaches throughout the year, on or off hill, please contact us at [email protected].


    Skiers need to have skis, poles, helmet, leather gloves (available for purchase in the Ski Hill ticket booth) and goggles (clear lenses recommended).

    Alpine Registration

    Please contact [email protected] with any questions.





    Race Introduction:

    Races are NOT required however, they are highly encouraged as this is truly how to improve on your race and ski skills. LWSC Coaches will be provided at each of the below races whether there is one or all members of the team present. Parents are responsible for getting your racers to and from the ski hill at all events. 

    How do races work?

    Typically races are both Saturday and Sunday with one day racing slalom and the other giant slalom (GS). Racers are encouraged to race both days however, one day is optional. Each racer will get two opportunities in each course - one run in the morning, and the 2nd run after lunch in the afternoon. It's a long day, so please plan accordingly.

    Please discuss this with your coaches if you can only attend one day. Depending on the race and the director, be prepared for award ceremonies to take place on Sunday only to account for both days of racing.