Hiking and Mountain Biking

Connecting a series of trails that mountain bikers have worked to build for over 15 years, the Ski Hill Project represents a partnership between Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance and the USFS Wenatchee Ranger District that joins several stacked-loop trail concepts. Ranging from green circles to black diamonds this progressive-level system offers great riding options for riders of all abilities.

In addition to working on current trails like Freund Canyon, Rosy Boa, and For the Boys, Evergreen Central crews are also constructing a new uphill trail (name TBD) that will connect to these existing routes and allow riders to enjoy 5-6 mile loops directly from the base of Ski Hill.

Additionally, Evergreen Central is in the process of working on the Ribbed trail, a downhill specific flow trail with man-made jumps. The Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance builds and maintains all of the trails at Ski Hill. The trails are multi-use so please be courteous to all trail users.


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Associated Locations


Trail List Difficulty Distance High Point Low Point
4 The Boys Memorial Trail Beginner 1.8 miles 1,877 feet 1,430 feet
Freund Canyon Intermediate 8.5 miles 2,970 feet 1,401 feet
New Uphill Trail Intermediate 3.0 miles 2,500 feet 1,430 feet
Rosy Boa Advanced 2.5 miles 2,690 feet 1,740 feet
Lower Ribbed Advanced 1.5 miles 2,200 feet 1,450 feet
Ribbed Advanced 1.2 miles 3,075 feet 2,280 feet