Board of Directors

The Board of Directors meets on the first Monday of each month at 6:30pm, location varies.


Greg Peck

Position: President (Board Position 9)

My wife, Diane, and I moved to Leavenworth in 1976. It was our dream to live here after many visits with her family who were orchardists and had a ranch on North Road. Her family was involved in the LWSC and all jumped and skied from the early days so naturally, we became immediately involved. I served as President from 1977 to 1979 and help put on the American Ski Jumping Championships in 1978. It has been so amazing to see the growth and impact the LWSC has on the community. I spent my career teaching in the Leavenworth and then Cascade School District until I retired in 2013. I went on to teach in the graduate program at Teton Science Schools in Jackson, Wyoming from 2013-2018. I taught snow science and working with graduate students on how to teach children in the outdoors. I am retired now and have time to give back to a sport that has always been a big part of our lives. I have also been a member of the National Ski Patrol since 1981. Patrolling at Mission Ridge and Grand Targhee Resort in Wyoming.

Taylor Boyd

Position: Vice President (Board Position 8)

I'm so blessed to have grown up in Leavenworth enjoying winters at Ski Hill, ski jumping and burning holes in my gloves on the rope tow. I moved away to work as a registered nurse for only a few years before Leavenworth called me home to work for the family retail business. Now that my wife and I have a kiddo, we want to see the club thrive so he can enjoy the benefits of time spent outdoors.  

Adam Pfleeger

Position: Secretary (Board Position 1)

I grew up in Oregon, had a blast ski racing slalom and giant slalom on our coed high school ski team. Went to college in Bellingham to ski at Mt Baker then crossed the mountains to find more untracked powder. The rest is history, I love winter and all things snow. You can most often find me at the Ski Hill but I also frequent the Icicle River Trails and the golf course on either Classic or skate. I have worked as a Mission ridge patroller (2016-2021), and as a LWSC big tow operator/ ski patroller/ cocoa machine operator (2012-14). I was an assistant high school ski race coach while in graduate school at Oregon State. My career is in environmental science, and I currently work for Chelan County.

Nancy Bywater

Position: Treasurer (Board Position 5)

I am a Minnesota native who has lived and worked in Leavenworth for 30+ years. I dreamed of skiing while watching ABC Wide World of Sports, got started with a PE class in middle school - cross country skiing through the woods and fields of Northern MN and LOVED it. I have been involved with the LWSC since I moved here, first Nordic skiing, doing local races and events, then hauling our 2 kids up rope tows and in a pulk sled (now trying hard to keep up with them!), drinking cocoa in the lodge, volunteering, and coaching all ages through the Jr. Nordic program, etc., etc. I see the LWSC as a rare community asset that truly is a meeting place for all walks of life, and is central to our local (and beyond) outdoors community. I have been impressed with the Club’s ability to change throughout the years, but continue to provide such a rare and valuable community experience. I am a strong advocate for the youth programs and Nordic trails, but am a big fan of all the moving parts. It is an honor to serve the board for LWSC. Hopefully you can find me in my spare time out on the trails no matter the season. 

Ben Edwards

Position: Board Member (Board Position 2)

Throughout my career I’ve built two things—experiences and communities—often at the same time. I’m always looking at how we all interact with the world around us and how those interactions can be improved. Whether this is how we interact with each other in our communities or how we experience a product or service, I find it all fascinating and am an ardent advocate for improvement when I believe it possible. I’ve mostly applied my passion towards work in the software industry but have also served on the boards of several nonprofit organizations. While relatively new to the Leavenworth area (2017) and to the sport of skate skiing (2019), I have been steeped in all manner of winter activity during my upbringing in Minnesota—where there is nearly 6 months of winter to “enjoy”.

Geoff Richardson

Position: Board Member (Board Position 3)

My family and I have enjoyed the benefits of LWSC for twenty years. My kids learned to Nordic and alpine ski on the trails and slopes of Leavenworth thanks to the many parent volunteers and coaches that make our Club special. Because of our Club, my children have been able to compete in ski racing at the regional and national levels. As a local physician and novice skier, runner, and biker my goal is to help perpetuate the Club's success by enhancing our mountain culture in the winter months and beyond. I am encouraged that our Club is evolving and finding ways to become a hub for year round outdoor activities. We are fortunate to live in this valley and LWSC plays an integral part in making this town unique.

John Schiefelbein

Position: Board Member (Board Position 4)

I moved to Leavenworth in 1996 straight out of dental school with my wife Megan, who was born and raised in Leavenworth. Our two girls grew up going up the rope tows and skiing the kilometers the LWSC has to offer. Over the years I have been heavily involved with the LWSC, whether it’s been coaching youth skiing, being a ski instructor at the Icicle River Trails, volunteering to run the rope tows at Ski Hill, or helping out with various ski races. The LWSC is deeply embedded into the fabric of this community and it’s an honor to be a part of it. In my free time I love to ski on various boards, trail run or mtn/road bike.

Chandra Llewellyn

Position: Board Member (Position 6)

I grew up in the Northwest, my childhood was full of playing outside and skiing in the winter. I officially called Leavenworth home in 2009. My family and I feel grateful to be apart of such an amazing community. Over the past 24 years I have worked all over the world as a scientist, mountain guide and educator. I have seen the LWSC grow and evolve over the years.

I have been a longtime member and benefited from raising our kiddo at ski hill. I have Nordic coached for years and have served as the volunteer coordinator for the alpine team. As a professional ski patroller of many years, the past few I have also patrolled at ski hill, helping to foster safety, snow education, communication and fun.

Sofia Bjorklund

Position: Board Member (Board Position 7)

I have been a member of LWSC since my kids were toddlers. We loved going to Ski Hill where both my daughters learned how to down hill ski. I started coaching Nordic skiing about 8 years ago and I am currently the head coach of the Devo team. I feel so lucky to have access to such high quality Nordic trails and love being able to share my passion for skiing with the youth in our community. I do not frequent the rope tow as much anymore but think it's one of the biggest assets in our town. In the summers I mountain bike at the Ski Hill trails pretty much every week, and enjoy the local events at the lodge. You'd find me and my friends dancing on DJ nights for sure!