Board of Directors

Brett Johnson

Position: President, Alpine 2

Brett is a Minnesota Boy that has lived in Leavenworth since 1992.  He and his wife Nancy love the recreational opportunities that kids and adults have in this valley.  The Leavenworth Winter Sports Club is a central part of the year-around activities for Brett and his family.  As a father of two, previous LWSC Alpine Team Head Coach, LSHHF Board Member, School Psychologist for the Cascade School District, organizer of the After School Ski Program, and outdoors enthusiast---keeping the interests of the Leavenworth Winter Sports Club in the forefront is a natural fit.   Being a board member since 2007, Brett has great respect for all the people that have helped create the long history of the club and have volunteered their time and effort to make Leavenworth a better place.  From the legacy of ski jumping, nordic ski racing, and junior teams to a club that provides year-round events and venues for making social connections for people of all ages, the club is a unique entity that is a gem for this community and all of its visitors.

Dave Moazed

Position: Open 4

Dave and his wife Teresa have been visiting Leavenworth since the moved to Seattle from Raleigh, NC in 1988, and became full-time residents in 2008 when then both retired. Leavenworth is home because our passion for cross-country skiing and our Leavenworth Winter Sports Club, and Dave is proud to be the newest board member. Dave is also a member of the Icicle Valley Trout Unlimited board, and has served in most of that board's leadership positions.

Dave and Teresa have been members of LWSC for many years, and regularly volunteer for club events. Dave is proud to serve our LWSC.

Kevin Rieke

Position: Nordic 1

My first skiing memories take place as a toddler on the bunny hill at the Leavenworth Ski Hill.  Participating in “The Hatmaker” three-way race (now Bakke Cup) was always a winter highlight growing up.  As a Junior I found a passion for Nordic ski racing that extended into adulthood. My wife and three children all learned to ski here in Leavenworth. The Leavenworth Winter Sports Club is a community treasure that benefits locals and visitors with affordable and convenient access to the great lifelong sport of skiing.  The LWSC has a rich history and continues to evolve and I believe LWSC’s longevity and success to be rooted in the passionate dedication of its volunteer members.  I consider it an honor to serve and participate in this local institution.

Todd Smith

Position: Nordic 3

Born in Leavenworth and a beneficiary of my parents' early involvement in the LWSC (father board member 1973 to 1984), I grew up on the tow and in the tracks.  Racing as a child, and in high school for the Nordic team, 96-98 with Torin Koos, I had the fortune to compete and savor the beauty of the Leavenworth Winter Sports Club.  Now, after returning to Leavenworth, as an architect, husband, father, and community member, I have a different skill set ready to help in an arena that was such an important element in my younger years.  I have an embedded and indebted duty towards the advocacy of the Leavenworth Winter Sports Club that I endeavor to pass on to generations to come.

Marcus Wells

Position: Open 5

Rob Fallon

Position: Vice President, Open 6