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ADA Restroom Facility Project

The Ski Hill Improvement Project (SHIP) has been in progress since 2014, but we're finally on the last and biggest item - the Ski Hill Lodge ADA Restroom Facility.



What is the SHIP? It's a big picture plan for Ski Hill that was devised by the LWSC Board of Directors, along with community input.

Improvements to the Ski Hill location are necessary to increase the lifespan of the lodge, reduce erosion issues around the lodge, improve safety around the lodge and on the ski slope, make the facility more accessible, provide additional outdoor gathering space, improve service, operations and maintenance, and enhance the ability of the public to appreciate the historic areas of the Ski Hill area.

A long list of improvements was decided upon and the LWSC set to work.



2014Moved Lodge power entry point from previous location (within the current patio footprint) and added capacity for a future restroom project
2016An Environmental Assessment was conducted and approved by the USDA and the Forest Service, allowing the LWSC go forward with all of its grand plans
2017Vault toilet installed in the Ski Hill parking lot.
2017Replaced big rope tow top tower 
2018Removed trees from Bakke Hill Ski Jump
2018Built new patio and stairway
2018Resurfaced existing foot paths leading to the lodge with crushed gravel 
2020Installed new septic tank and drain field
2020Re-graded the little hill
2022Replaced the little rope tow top tower
2022Upgraded the parking lot and base area lighting to LED (and we're still going)
2023Upgraded kitchen appliances and hardware
2023Removed hazard trees around the Lodge and those within the footprint of the ADA Restroom Facility
2023County Building Permit signed
2023Ski Hill parking lot 'paved' with road millings from Hwy 2
2024Finalized Architectural Plans and approved the Building Plans for the ADA Restroom Facility
2024Performed engineering required for electrical, heating, and plumbing of the ADA Restroom Facility


We've made it to the last, most daunting, and most expensive item on the list - the build of the ADA Restroom Facility.


And we couldn't have done it by ourselves. We've raised funds from our community through two Loos 4 the Lodge Events, applied for and received grants from various funding sources, and have been gifted labor and reduced rate services.

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