Ski Hill Lodge

Looking for Lodge Hours? You can find those HERE.

Lodge Basics

Despite the name, the Ski Hill Lodge is not available for overnight stays. In the winter it is a warm and inviting respite from the cold and in the summer it offers an off-the-beaten-track venue to gather and enjoy live music. We have an extensive patio that expands our seating area and is available year-round. Fire pits in the winter are both charming and a good way to warm up those cold fingers and toes.

Not for the faint of heart, the Lodge is located approximately 100 yards and 25' of elevation gain from the parking lot. So you're in for a bit of hike to get there, but it's worth it. There is an ADA compliant gravel access road that you can walk or bike up during three seasons of the year, but in the winter the road goes right through the base area of our ski operation. Lodge access in the winter requires appropriate footwear, or better yet - skis!

Vehicle traffic between the parking lot and the Lodge is generally not permitted (and is not possible in the winter), however, we can facilitate transport upon request and in special circumstances. Please note that the Lodge in an historic building and is not ADA compliant.

Lodge Offerings

The Lodge houses a concession stand that offers simple food items, beer, wine, hot cocoa (seasonally) and many other beverages. There is a moderately sized indoor seating area and a large patio, both offering great views of the ski hills or wild flowers, depending on the season.


Here's something exciting - Hot Cocoa Cards! They stay on file in the Lodge so you can't lose them. Want to gift someone some hot cocoa credit? LWSC Gift Cards! You can bank your physical gift card alongside your cocoa card for easy access. Physical Gift Cards available in the Lodge and the LWSC Ticket Booths. e-gift cards are also an option and work just the same - spend on anything the LWSC has to offer.

hot cocoa card





The Lodge has live music all summer - check out our Events page to see what's coming up.


The Ski Hill Lodge is home to a Mug Club. We have 100 hand thrown, 20 oz. (ish) mugs. Mug Club members get their very own mug and can fill it for the price of 16 oz. Mugs reside at the Lodge so they're always waiting for you.

Currently all the mugs are spoken for, but memberships are renewable annually and they expire on a rolling basis. Fill out the form on the Mug Club page to get added to the waitlist.

Mug Club


Lodge History

Ski jumping began at Ski Hill in 1929 and was still going strong in 1936. A structure was needed for the athletes and the spectators to warm up in and the Civilian Conservation Corps, a Great Depression-era federal work relief program, stepped in and built the Ski Hill Lodge.

Old lodge photo

Ever Improving

The first phase of The Ski Hill Memorial Project was completed with the addition of a 2,000 square foot patio. The next phases will include outdoor restrooms, ski slope upgrades, outdoor amenities and year-round event accommodations. Consider donating to this great cause that is set to honor 4 great men taken from us much to soon.

These projects will enhance the outdoor recreation opportunities in the valley and serve as a platform for our youth and at risk adults to have the opportunity to excel in the areas of mountain sports. We would love to see more high level athletes come out of this valley and encourage people to share the inspiration that the mountains offer.

Rental Information

The Lodge is a unique venue with great ambience and historic charm. The Ski Hill grounds are well suited to outdoor events where nature plays a focal point.

The Ski Hill Lodge and/or Patio can only be booked for your private gathering on Mondays and Tuesdays when we hold no open hours of our own. We are not accepting rental requests for weddings.