LWSC joins the Indy Pass Resort Family



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The Leavenworth Winter Sports Club joined the Indy XC Family of Resorts in 2023.

What does this mean for the LWSC?

We will be welcoming Indy Pass card holders to our XC venues.

What does this mean for LWSC Season Pass Holders?

You are eligible to upgrade your LWSC Season Pass with an Indy Pass AddOn.

What’s the Indy AddOn?

The Indy AddOn Pass is a specific Indy Pass product for skiers and riders who already have an unrestricted or full-time pass to a partnering Indy resort. After purchasing the Indy AddOn Pass, purchasers must submit proof of their current season pass in order to activate their Indy AddOn Pass.

It still offers the same benefit as a regular Indy Pass - 2 days each at 180+ ski areas (excluding the LWSC, because, well - you've already got that).

LWSC Season Pass holders can buy the regular Indy AddOn OR the Indy XC AddOn.

For the 2024/25 Winter Season - currently in a waitlist situation.

Indy Passes

(Indy Pass is not owned by the Leavenworth Winter Sports Club, it is a separate company offering these services with their own policies on their passes)