Summer Music Series - The Run Out

THE RUN OUT began as a casual weekly jam between two friends, then three, and finally all four of us in a time when gathering with friends could be a difficult thing to do. We did a lot of improvising. Even when we covered the music we liked, we still treated the song as a guideline to be bent with our unique style. Our backgrounds are diverse: a jazz drummer, a reggae bassist, a Hendrix-inspired guitarist, and a vocalist who sings like he's hucking a cliff. We finally decided that when the time came to re-emerge, we wanted to play music that all our friends in our small town would want to dance to. Since then, The Run Out has developed a high-energy sound that captures our rock, funk, and reggae influences and distills them into a captivating live performance that will make you wonder who had more fun, the crowd or the band?

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