Ski Hill Volunteer Work Day

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 30, 10am - 4pm.

Come up for a couple of hours or stay all day.

Objective: Prepare Ski Hill for Winter Operations and the ability to open Tubing, Nordic and Alpine operations on a minimal amount of snow.

  • A free lunch will be served to all volunteers - YODELIN will be taking care of us again!
  • The Ski Hill Lodge will be open with the full menu available.


Please email [email protected] if you have any questions.

Task List

Base Area

  • Brush, lop and weed-eat island behind the Little Tow
  • Brush and clean ½ culvert behind the Little Tow
  • Remove any objects that could damage mowing or grooming equipment
  • Pick-up and discard all trash & litter


  • Clean Lodge concession area, restrooms, common areas & storage areas
  • Wash windows
  • Stack wood in the Lodge wood shed


  • Weed-eat
  • Pile limbs and brush to be chipped
  • Mow

Ski Jump

  • Mow and weed-eat jump hill
  • Weed-eat ski jump tow path and judges stand

Nordic Trails

  • Remove overhead branches
  • Mow

Parking Lot

  • Mow and weed-eat around rocks and poles

Things to bring

  • yourself
  • a friend
  • work clothes
  • work gloves
  • pruners
  • loppers
  • weed eaters
  • rakes
  • a great work attitude
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