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Location By Date Time Ski Type Comments
Golf Course Trails John 12:30-1:30pm Skate

Fun ski this afternoon.  Again, not the fastest ski, but the grooming was great and the platform excellent.  Some snow bombs and needles dropping out of the trees but not a problem.  

Ski Hill Trails John 5:30-6:30am Skate

Excellent grooming this morning!  The snow was a touch slow because it was new and dry therefore hard to compact, but still a fantastic ski.

Ski Hill Trails John 5:30-6:45am Skate

Cold snow this morning, the toko red/blue wax combo was not enough- straight blue would have helped.  More pebbles in the grooming this morning which won’t go away till this new snow comes.  But a nice even platform and a good ski this morning.

Ski Hill Trails John 10-11:30am Skate

Best ski of the year.  Platform and grooming was excellent.  Still some pebbles in the corduroy in places but not nearly as much as  yesterday.  Trish’s loop is much better which was nice.  Beautiful day to be out skiing!

Ski Hill Trails John 12:30-1:30pm Skate

Snow was firmer today than yesterday which  was nice.  A little challenging in places with rocks and dirt in the trail but probably 80% of the trail is pristine.  The loop off the boneyard should be a avoided and sadly there is some negotiating needed on Trish’s loop but u gotta ski it right?

Ski Hill Trails John 9:30-10:30am Skate

Pretty good ski for the first real grooming day of the year.  A few spots of brown snow and a few spots where grass sticking up thru the platform, but all easily skied around and probably 90% of the track is excellent.  Skiing a little slow with the soft cold snow but it was great to be back skiing at the ski hill.