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Location By Date Time Ski Type Comments
Ski Hill Trails John 8:45-9:45am Skate

Grooming only on main trail- no side loops.  Even in the rain it was still a good, pretty fast ski.  Probably at least 80% of the trail is excellent skiing, maybe 15 is just some brown snow but decent skiing, and the rest is brown with uneven grooming.  Given the weather it’s still skiing really well, props to the groomers!

Ski Hill Trails John 7:30-8:30am Skate

Fastest ski of the year.  Not icy but close, skipped Trish’s loop after skiing it yesterday.   

Ski Hill Trails John 5:30-6:30am Skate

Temps just cold enough to have the snow set up.  Grooming on main trail was good, the side loops were dirty with some uneven grooming.  Still a fun ski but better go before it warms up.

Ski Hill Trails John 5:45-6:45am Skate

Temperatures and snow conditions made for some uneven grooming.  Snow quality was good, nice firm snow.  Just a lot of depressions in the snow and groomer tracks which make you pay attention to what you are doing. Still a really fun ski though.

Ski Hill Trails John 8:30-9:30am Skate

Best platform and grooming of the year.  Snow has warmed up and condensed so a nice solid base.  Still a few spots of brown snow but overall an excellent ski!

Ski Hill Trails John 10-11am Skate

Good ski this morning.  Grooming was excellent, still a little brown snow in some places but the snow was faster today.