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Icicle River Trails John Skate

Skiing was pretty good this morning.  Some color to the snow at the start but overall a nice ski.  One of the dunes isn’t skiable.  Mostly nice corduroy- hats off to the groomers!

Ski Hill Trails Kevin R. 8:00 AM Skate

The skiing this morning at Ski Hill was exceptional considering the warm weather!  Don't just look at the thermometer and think the trail is slush.  Thermometer readings said 35-ish as a low last night, but the skate deck and the classic tracks set up superbly (voodoo snow science stuff) and skied firm and fast until around 10 AM. The plan is to groom nightly until the weekend, so go get your last Ski Hill laps early!

Ski Hill 3-1-22
Ski Hill 3-1-22


Ski Hill Trails John 6am Skate

About an inch of fresh snow on top of the grooming, making the skiing slower but still a good ski

Ski Hill Trails John 6am Skate

Given how much snow we have it was a great ski this morning!  The grooming was excellent and the snow was skiable.  They have rerouted the course a bit but super fun!

Golf Course Trails John 8am Skate

Mostly excellent snow and grooming.  Best to avoid a few spots- the stretch along the river on holes #10-11, and the finishing climb that goes around the sheds.  Snow is very skiable

Golf Course Trails Chris 11:30 Classic

So nice to still be able to ski the golf course. Kudos to the crew for holding onto it. I had lots of company…

I counted about 20 in this herd.