NUT Clean-Up

Ski Hill Spring Work Party

SATURDAY, March 16th, 9am - 1pm


(1) Clear the NUT of debris, buff 4 the Boys, maybe haul some dirt on Lower Rosy. Let's get the trails just right for biking and hiking.

(2) Microtrash (and some non-micro trash) builds up all winter long. The snow is gone and garbage has emerged. Help beautify the base area and parking lot (and get some your squats in for the day while you're at it).

Things to bring:

  • yourself
  • a friend
  • work clothes
  • work gloves
  • boots on your feet
  • your most favorite trail tool
  • lunch, snacks & water
  • a great work attitude
  • garbage sack/grocery sack for garbage collecting

Please stop in at the Ski Hill ticket booth to sign in. 

Everyone on trail duty will head to the trails together. We will discourage trail use during this time as workers will be pushing debris off the switchbacks and it lands below - so if you don't want to be the unintended target of that, please be ready to go at 9am.

Trash duty - on your own schedule, but please do sign in upon your arrival.