WNC overview for 2021

The Washington Nordic Cup race series is jovial, fun race series. Great for the skiers newer to racing and the seasoned skiers. It is a really fun way to see other ski areas and enjoy the camaraderie of meeting the other teams in the area.

As per Covid usual, stay updated for any changes in schedules. 

Washington Nordic Cup Schedule:

WNC Schedule:  https://www.wncup.org/schedule-and-registration

12/27/20 ---- WNC#1 Ski Rodeo in Winthrop

1/8/21 - WNC#2 in White Pass (tentative)

1/23/21 - WNC#3 Hans' Big Adventure (Winthrop)

2/6/21 - WNC#4 "COVID Classic" in Plain - probably not the name they'll stick with. This is the race they'll be putting on for LWSC

2/20/21 - WNC#5 PVNT Skier Cross in Plain


2/28/20 - WNC Finals Stampede @ Cabin Creek