Week of Dec. 7th

Submitted by Nancy on Sun, 12/06/2020 - 18:47

Hi skiers,

Welcome back, this is our first official week of the Sr. Ski team practice.  

Still low snow here in Leavenworth, hoping to get some snow soon to ski on.  A few of us skied at Echo Ridge on Saturday out of Chelan and it was great.  We are able to ski in Plain, but we will do some dry land during the week this week, and travel to snow on Saturday.  We will start with 1 coach/day, as typically, until we are on snow, we have fewer skiers.

I plan to hold a ZOOM info session for parents/skiers, but have conflicts this week in the evenings, so look for that next week, feel free to text me via remind with any questions. 

Our goal is to have a safe, fun and growth year for all of our skiers.  The current plan (subject to change as you all know) is to have a full schedule of JNQ and WNC races for those that want to push themselves and race.  The dates are on the calendar.  We will also try to have some fun adventure skis this winter and maybe explore new trails.  All in all, we will have a positive, safe environment for our skiers. 

A few Covid Rules for this year. 

  • We will meet in pods of 5
  • Masks must be worn (ski buffs work)
  • Social distancing
  • Bring your own food and drinks, no sharing of that stuff this year
  • If you feel sick at all, please do not come to practice
  • Carry hand sanitizer in your cars for before and after practice

Despite things being a bit weird, we will still have a great season. The real goal is always to get all of you out on skis, in the fresh air, enjoying what an active outdoor community has to offer!!

Here is the plan for the week. For dryland training dress for running and bring bounding poles

Monday Dec. 7th-on your own-1 hr. + strength

  • 20X  each leg single leg sit to stand -if easy, see how low you can go
  • Lie on back, 20x leg lowers(make sure low back is not arching)
  • 20X push up slow
  • 20X push ups fast
  • 3X 30 second side plank each side
  • Repeat above X 2-3

Tuesday Dec. 8th-Coach Nancy-Meet at Ski Hill- be ready to go at 3:45-bring bounding poles-dress for running

  • Workout-Run the NUT-L2 today with ski bounding after, with agility drills

Wednesday Dec. 9th-Coach Kari-Meet at Ski Hill again

  • Workout 10’ L1 warm up f/b active mobility -lunges, lunges with rotation, focused diaphragmatic breathing, spinal flexion/extension ( 5’ L3 run then L1 X 5’)-repeat X 4, 10’ cool down with stretching and body weight strengthening

Thursday Dec. 10-Coach Barb

  • Ski Bounding at the Ski Hill, may be snow in the forecast so stay tuned-10’ warm up-Bound the ski hill trails with bounding bursts to the top of all hills (last 1/3)-work on quick feet, this point with L1 in between-should be 40’ or so-
    • Agility drills
    • Bounding drills with 5X 10 second speeds

Friday Dec. 11-on your own-1-1.5 hrs. L1-2, find a 20-30' yoga video for athletes and do that. 

Saturday Dec. 12-Coach Nancy/-tbd depending on snow -will be getting back on ski drills with intervals tbd-will communicate via Remind

Also, I will send the release form for Plain Valley Trails, as we will most likely be skiing up there early season. 

If we do end up car-pooling, masks are required!!

OK, here we go for a good season!!

Thanks, Nancy