Week of Dec. 14

Submitted by Nancy on Sun, 12/13/2020 - 20:18

Training week of 12/14/20


Hey Skiers,


We had a great showing on Saturday at Echo Ridge. The trails were in fabulous condition and everyone looked great with early season skiing!


A few reminders…Covid style.  When we group up, remember to keep your “social distance” and make sure buffs are up!  Also, bring your own H20 and Snacks this year!!


For weekday skis-bring a headlamp-it gets dark really fast!


Exciting news on the coaching front-Ivy Spiegel-Ostrom will be joining our coaching team and will take over some Head Coach duties this winter, she skied with LWSC, and skies with William College for 4 years. She is home this winter after graduating and is excited to be skiing with us.


Also please fill out your skiers release for Plain-you can email it [email protected] , For $10 extra, you can get a pass to wear.  



Our other main coaches this year will be….


KARI KOOS: also a former LWSC skier, collegiate runner, and Physical Therapist-another one of us!!!

BARB KELLY: Lots of great years coaching with LWSC, you all know her-15 years coaching, avid skier extraordinaire

DOUG REID: Joining the Seniors this year, has been coaching the younger kids, Doug has a good tool box for training ideas.

NANCY BYWATER: 15 yr. coach with LWSC, head coach with the Srs. for last 2 years, has coached all ages, love them all. Physical Therapist by day.


Times and dates are below, I will add the training aspect tomorrow.


MONDAY DEC. 14: light day-on your own. 

TUES. DEC 15th- Nancy/Ivy-Skate Ski in Plain-workout-agility drills f/b L1X 20', 30 second speeds/30 second recovery x 10, L1 to end-

WED DEC. 16-Kari/Ivy SKATE 3:45 pm  Plain Valley Nordic Trails as above:

Slight change in plan for today...Warm ups L1 15-20', Cool down same- 

  • 6x100meters w/ ~2min rest. 4x200meters w/ 2min rest. 4x5sec race starts (head to head). agility games to end practice. 

THURS: DEC. 17-Barb/Ivy/ CLASSIC SKIS-skins or scales if you have them-Beaver Creek Trailhead @ 3:45

  • Start with Classic technique drills-first day on classics f/b 15-20' L1 warm up, 3x8min L3 efforts. Start each in L2 and go progressively faster so that the last 10 seconds are in L4. Think of them as an intro to going fast on snow. They might feel really hard!

SAT: DEC. 18th-tbd again-Either Plain, maybe a trek back to Echo Ridge, or the Methow!  Plan to ski at 10 am.

          Technique and distance!!



Next  2 weeks we will practice at 10:00 am. T/W/Th/Sat.  Do a snow dance please!!




Here is an attachment from a company that provides games. 


Our agenda for tonight is. 


1. Talking about the potential set-up-number of stations,

5. Anything else??

Here is an attachment from a company that provides games. 


Our agenda for tonight is. 


1. Talking about the potential set-up-number of is around the world

2. What we already have

            -Sumo wrestlers




            -Maybe simulated golf??

            -other ideas???

3.  The Event Company

kids and budget.

4.  Best communication-email/text

5. Anything else??