Week of 1/25/21

Hello skiers and parents! Nice job to everyone who skied in or helped with our awesome duathlon last Saturday. Especially thank you to Nancy, organizer and visionary! There were some tired faces out there, which in the backwards Nordic ski world means it was a good day.

Race of the Methow is THIS WEEKEND. This is a bizarre year when it comes to racing, so we have to seize any chance we have for pushing ourselves out on a course. If you are not planning on racing, we will still host practice at Ski Hill on Saturday like usual.

Some important notes regarding racing

  • Because of Covid, lodging is everyone for themselves, so if you haven't found a place to stay, you might want to get on that.
  • Also because of Covid, we will not have access to the Hutzel garage for glide waxing. So the plan is for the coaches to do all the waxing on Friday. If you are racing, bring both classic and skate race skis to practice on Thursday to give to Ivy. Make sure they are all marked with your name and classic skis additionally with kick zones. They will be waxed and delivered to the venue on Saturday.
  • Registration and information can be found here. Fees increase tonight (Monday) at 11pm. Registration ends on Thursday.

Training plan and practice schedule 

Week 31: 1/25-1/31/21

Difficulty: Pre-race (easy)




Practice Location: Coaches








Stretch or go for <30min jog if you need something to do


AM: strength


On own


Strength plan day 1 (at minimum do core workout)


PM: speeds and Nordic cross


IRT: Ivy and Nancy



100m speeds and starts




Ski Hill: Ivy, Kari, Blakely


Race warm-up




IRT: Ivy and Doug


Easy skiing and technique


Recovery or course preview


On own




Core, stretching, and massage








SH: ?




Race of the Methow:

Skate 3k

Ivy and  Nancy




Race of the Methow

Classic 10k

Ivy and Nancy



Total hours








Strength Workout

1) Warm-up:


Foam roll 5-10 minutes

15 minute jog or bike, final 3 minutes at L3 pace.

5 minutes Dynamic stretching warm-up (butt kickers, high kicks, hip openers, etc.)


2) Alternate between:


20 squat jumps (add weight if needed).

Monster circuit (exercise band around the ankles)

-Lateral steps: 10 lateral steps in each direction

-Forward walk: feet hip width the whole time step forward maintaining width 10 on each leg

-Backward walk: “ “ but moving backward


Repeat x2


3) Alternate between:


3 weighted pullups (hang weights of a harness or squeeze them between legs)

5 weighted push-ups (set weight on back—be careful not to sag)


Repeat x3 (take a lot of rest)


4) Alternate between


3 weighted dips (on parallel bars, use harness or squeeze weight between legs. You could also do these with your hands and feet on benches in which case add more weight and do 3 weighted pistol squats (or unweighted if these are limit)

Repeat x3 (take a lot of rest)


5) Alternate between


10 feet to bar (hang on pull up bar, bring feet over your head, keeping motion controlled)

20 back extensions/supermans (lie on stomach, lift arms and legs up at the same time for a two seconds pulse)


Repeat x3


5) Core circuit:

15 (each side) ratational planks: hold a regular plank, then rotate your hips so that one hip almost touches the ground, go back to center, repeat opposite side.

50 crunchies w/ legs elevated

20 V-ups

30 (each side) russian twists

1.5 min side plank (45sec each side)

1min plank

3 min rest


Repeat x3


**Notes: Give yourself plenty of rest between sets and exercises


6) Cool down: stretch and foam roll