Updates on Western Regional Champs

Submitted by Nancy on Sun, 12/27/2020 - 06:33

HI All, There are some modifications to the Western Regional Champs-they will now be considered and "OPEN" race, so will be much like SoHo  that we have gone to as a Super Qualifier. Could be a great experience for all.  PNSA is still coming up with a plan to name an "elite" team-what would normally be the JN team. 

Stay tuned for more info! 



"Hi All,

The end result of the Western Region call on Wednesday was that all of the Western divisions were supportive of modifying the Western Championships event at SoHo in March to an open event.  With every licensed competitor in the West, we would still be far under the current restrictions.  Pending approval from USSS, it will be restricted to competitors with USSS licenses in one of the 5 Western divisions.  Skiers may change their divisional affiliation until January 1.  If you had a college skier that had intended to race in the East or MidWest this winter that is now back home to stay, you should encourage them to change their divisional affiliation.  This move was made to prevent entire teams from the East or Midwest or Alaska just deciding they wanted to come unilaterally. We also had some discussion about being able to make some exceptions down the line if sizes allow.


We also discussed if restrictions increase further, we might need to make modifications.  This may mean modifying the schedule to make the event work, this may mean capping event numbers.  There will ;likely be a participant survey/pre-registration going out soon.  Adam is going to work with Judy at SoHo to get that out.  I'll provide details once I know more."