Thursday 1/9/20


Hi everyone,

We will be skiing in Plain again on Thursday and I have high hopes of skiing at the Icicle River Trails (IRT) next week.


Thursday, January 9th


Classic Skis



If you want to carpool, meet at the Church across from IRMS on Titus; depart @3:15


Sorry yesterday was a bit chaotic. That was our first time skiing in Plain as a Team and we learned a lot -



1) New Parking Plan - Drive just past Plain Hardware and park at the trailhead on the Right. I will be parked there with jackets and hats. Sorry I missed nearly all of you on Tuesday - I got a flat tire at the carpool site and had to go home and swap cars before heading to Plain. Nutty day.


2) Headlamps are a great idea.


3) Parents who want to ski along are greatly appreciated. Waiver required. You do not need another if you turned one in on Tuesday. You may email a scan or photograph to Anne and I will have blank copies with me.

PVST liability waiver  


4) We will not be sorting kids into their coaching groups tomorrow. It's a bit of a process the first go-round, with the added drive everyone filters in at slightly different times, we don't have a good spot to do it and I'd rather get the kids out skiing.


5) Coaches will be there to shepherd and guide and coach. Parents can ski along in the mix and get some tips, too.


6) Keep to the Meadow Loop and Bev's Loop (for the go-getters).

PVST Trail Map


See you tomorrow!


And I will bring the sorting hat next week.