High School Club

Nordic - High School Club

  • Age group: 9th-12th grades
  • Goal: Emphasis on refining technique and fitness. This program is for skiers who would like to ski recreationally with their peers but not attend Junior National Qualifier (JNQ) races.
  • Contact: Peter Spiegel
  • Tuition: $200.00

Starting with dry-land training in November Meets T, W, Th at 3:45PM and Saturdays at 10AM.

- Forms -

This year we are using a Team Management Software called Teamstuff. You’ll register (it will just ask a couple simple questions), and then it will send you a notice of the registration fee. So please register using the button below. And make the payment shortly thereafter. If you’re applying for scholarship, then don’t worry about paying at this time. We’ll sort it out a bit later.

Liability Release

Scholarship application, again, is a written paragraph from the skier about need and desire to be a part of the team, sent to me (marlene@team-farrell.com) and then to be determined anonymously by a separate judge.

Please also click the other buttons and print and complete the liability and concussion forms. Please drop them off to the ticket booth at Icicle Trails or mail them to:

c/o Marlene Farrell
PO Box 573
Leavenworth, WA 98826

**We need these forms in by mid December as well so we can put all the info in a spreadsheet.**

For skiers in 9th through 12th grade. Program meets on Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursdays at 3:45pm, and Saturdays at 10AM. Sessions are at 10am during winter break. Location varies between the three ski venues in Leavenworth: Icicle River, Ski Hill, and the Golf Course. The season goes from November 11th to February 15th , with additional sessions depending on snow conditions. Practice sessions can be cancelled due to poor conditions.

Weekly program updates are sent out on Sunday night with the practice venue and instructions on whether to bring skate or classic gear. Information will also be available on the Google calendar on the Junior Nordic page at skileavenworth.com.

We need parent help. We will look for your assistance with some events, particularly Skirennen, the race that we host in early January.

Each skier needs both classic and skate skis. We’d like all skiers to have waxable classic skis (these have a smooth base for applying grip wax instead of a fish scale pattern for gripping the snow). Your family should start accumulating some grip waxes, but we will have plenty of wax for the practice sessions and will teach skiers how to apply it. A sporting goods store that sells Nordic gear can help you find skis with a proper fit. LMS also rents these skis for the season.

Skiers must have cross-country ski boots that work with either NNN or SNS bindings. Most skiers will have two pairs of boots, one for classic and the other for skate. Some use a ‘Combi’ boot, which are made for both classic and skate skiing.

Ski poles need to be Nordic ski poles (not alpine), which means they have a Nordic handle and basket. The classic pole length should be long enough that they are snug in the skier’s armpit when s/he is standing tall. Skate poles should measure to their chin. A coach will tell you if your skier’s gear is not fitting well, but we’d prefer you get it checked out by a local sport shop before ski practice.

During the late fall, there will be some dry-land training sessions, and they will need running shoes and classicallength Nordic ski poles. They should dress appropriately for working out in the weather.

The local shops that support our team are Arlberg Sports Haus, Leavenworth Mountain Sports and Der Sportsmann. There are other sports shops and also the internet. During the winter, it will be difficult to find gear that is in stock, and it will be even more difficult to find a season’s rental. We recommend that you take your skier to a store early in the fall. Arlberg Sports Haus, LMS and Der Sportsmann will can order team members at a discount, but only if they place those orders well before ski season (usually by November 1st). The best advice we can give you is to shop early! You will likely save money purchasing gear in the fall too.

They do not need to have prior experience if their athletic ability is at a level where they can keep up with peers.