Skirennen 2018

Comp/Devo Team

Returning team members to the same program: You don’t have to “register.” You just need to go into Teamstuff and pay your registration fee as well as fill out the below paperwork (Liability Release form and Concussion form).

New Nordic Ski team members, or if you are changing groups: (i.e. Kindergartener moving up to Koos Cruisers or former Jackrabbit/Koos Cruiser moving up to Comp/Devo or former Devo/Comp/Devo moving down to Koos Cruisers): First, check on Teamstuff which group your child is in currently. If it’s incorrect, please go to this invitation link to register (and let Marlene know to remove your skier from their previous group):

Register for Comp/Devo Middle School
Register for Comp/Devo High School

  • Two age groups: approximately Middle School, 5th-7th grades; High School, 8th-12th grades
  • Goal: Provide quality technique instruction in both classic and skate skiing, while encouraging good sport ethics, healthy competition, and the joy of skiing. Racing is encouraged but not required.
  • Contacts:
  • Skate and classic (waxable classic skis)
  • Tuition:
    • 3 days/week program (Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays) -- $215
    • 4 days/week program (above plus Wednesdays' race specific training) -- $315
  • Prior cross country skiing experience preferred.

Starting early December.
Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 3:45PM and Saturdays at 10AM. However, some sessions may be different during the Winter Break. 

- Forms -

This year we are using a Team Management Software called Teamstuff. You’ll register (it will just ask a couple simple questions), and then it will send you a notice of the registration fee. So please register using the button below. And make the payment shortly thereafter. Scholarships are available.

Email with questions

Liability Release

Scholarship application, again, is a written paragraph from the skier about need and desire to be a part of the team, sent to me ( and then to be determined anonymously by a separate judge.

Please also click the other buttons and print and complete the liability and concussion forms. Please drop them off to the ticket booth at Icicle Trails or mail them to:

c/o Marlene Farrell
PO Box 573
Leavenworth, WA 98826

**We need these forms in by mid December as well so we can put all the info in a spreadsheet.**


Skiers must be in 5th through 12th grades. The Middle School and High School programs will have separate workouts. Skiers will be in peer groups based on age and ability. Prior experience is preferred. This year we offer the Consecutive Week program for 5th and 6th graders who are new to the sport of Nordic skiing. Feel free to contact the Middle School Lead Coach or the High School Lead coach if you have concerns or you are new to the area.

We meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3:45pm, and Saturdays at 10AM. There are also sessions on Wednesdays at 3:45pm for those who would like race-specific training, geared toward those who plan to attend races such as the regional Junior National Qualifier races and the Washington Nordic Cup races. There will be a handful of sessions at 10am during winter break (though no practice on Christmas or January 1st).

The location will vary between the three ski venues in Leavenworth: Icicle River, Ski Hill, and the Golf Course. There is optional fall training, but generally the season starts in December and ends on February 16th. Sometimes sessions are cancelled due to poor conditions, and conditions can suddenly change.

Skirennen, our local race, will take the place of one Saturday practice, on January 5, 2019. On many other weekends coaches and team members will attend other regional races, and we will do our best to have a couple coaches available for those skiers who are not attending races.

Weekly program updates will be sent via the Teamstuff app on Sunday nights, so check Teamstuff frequently to find out if they are skiing on skate or classic gear and at which venue to meet .

Parent help is important. There will be duties announced later, primarily with our Skirennen race on the morning of January 5th. We sincerely appreciate your help!


There are two pairs of skis needed for each skier, classic and skate. Skate skis have a smooth bottom and are designed to skate.

In terms of classic skis, the racing team skiers need to have waxable classic skis or skin skis, not waxless fishscale skis. Waxable classic have a smooth bottom that needs wax to grip the snow. We will be waxing as a team before every classic practice, and at the races. This is a chance for youth and parents to learn about proper waxing technique. The skin skis work well in most conditions, so they are an option too. 

The length of the skis matter, and any sporting goods store that sells Nordic gear can help you find them. Skate skis are usually a little shorter than classic skis.

They must have cross-country ski boots, made for track skiing. The boots must work with the bindings, and there are two kinds of binding: NNN and SNS. Some skiers will use a ‘combi’ boot, which is made to do classic and skate, but for better performance, you’d want to have a separate pair of boots for skate and classic.

Their ski poles need to be Nordic track ski poles (not alpine), which means they have a track handle and basket. The classic pole length should be long enough that they are snug in the skier’s armpit when s/he is standing tall. Skate poles will be a little longer, going to their chin. We'd prefer you get the gear checked out by a ski shop before the first practice, or email us if you have questions.

The local shops that support our team are Arlberg Sports Haus, Leavenworth Mountain Sports and Der Sportsmann. There are other sports shops and also the internet. During the winter, it will be difficult to find gear that is in stock for purchase or rental. We recommend you take your skier to a store early in the fall.