Devo Racers

  • Age group: 5th-7th grade
  • Goal: Provide quality technique instruction in both classic and skate skiing, while encouraging good sport ethics, healthy competition, and the joy of skiing.
  • Contact: Kevin Farrell

Starting early-December.  Tuesdays at 3:45PM, Thursdays at 3:45 and Saturdays at 10AM; however, some sessions may be different during the Winter Break. 

Skiers must be in 5th, 6th, or 7th grade. Skiers will be in peer groups based on age and ability. Prior experience is nice, but not always necessary. In rare circumstances we’ll have a skier who doesn’t have any peers at their ability level, and we will work with you ensure a favorable outcome.

The Devo ski team meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3:45pm, and Saturdays at 10AM. They also have a handful of sessions at 10am during winter break. The location will vary between the three ski venues in Leavenworth: Icicle River, Ski Hill, and the Golf Course. There will be a couple of early season sessions in November, but generally the season starts in December and ends on February 12th. Sometimes sessions are cancelled due to poor conditions, and conditions can suddenly change.

Weekly program updates are sent via e-mail on Sunday night, so read your email on Monday morning to find out if they are skiing on skate or classical gear and which venue to meet at. Please also check the Google calendar on the Junior Nordic page at

There is also an online parent help sign up, and we require each family to sign up for 2-4 hours, depending on how many kids they have in the team. We sincerely appreciate your help!

There are two pairs of skis needed for Devo, one is known as classical and the other is skate. There are also two kinds of classical skis: Waxless classical have a fish scale pattern on the base that can grip the snow. Waxable classical have a smooth bottom that needs wax to grip the snow. We recommend waxable classical, but waxless is also acceptable. The skate skis also have a smooth bottom and they just glide. The length of the skis matter, but any sporting goods store that sells Nordic gear can help you find them. LMS also rents these skis. Skate skis are usually a little shorter than classical skis.

They must have cross-country ski boots, made for track skiing. The boots must work with the bindings, and there are two kinds of binding: NNN and SNS. Many Devo skiers will use a ‘combi’ boot, which is made to do classical and skate, but for better performance, you’d want to have a separate pair of boots for skate and classical.

Their ski poles need to be Nordic track ski poles (not alpine), which means they have a track handle and basket. The classical pole length should be long enough that they are snug in the skier’s armpit when s/he is standing tall. Skate poles will be a little longer, going to their chin. Again, it’s not an exact science and boots and poles that are close to the ideal fit will be good enough. The coach will tell you if your skier’s gear is not fitting well, but we’d prefer you get it checked out by a local sport shop before ski practice.

During the late fall, there will be some dry-land training sessions and they will need running shoes and classical-length Nordic ski poles. They should dress appropriately for working out in the weather.

The local shops that support our team are Arlberg Sports Haus, Leavenworth Mountain Sports and Der Sportsmann. There are other sports shops and also the internet. During the winter, it will be difficult to find gear that is in stock, and it will be even more difficult to find a season’s rental. We recommend that you take your skier to a store early in the fall. Arlberg Sports Haus, LMS and Der Sportsmann will order gear for our team members at a discount, but only if they place those orders well before ski season. The best advice we can give you is to shop early! You will likely save money purchasing gear in the fall too.