Race information for Spokane JNQ

Here are links to race info

SCHEDULE:    https://www.spokanenordic.org/jnq-schedule

COURSE MAPS:  https://www.spokanenordic.org/jnq-course-maps

*important details:  Race course can be previewed until 8:50 am, 

Please be at the wax tent 1 hr. prior to your Sat. race start (whole race start, not your individual start time) ready to go!!!  It takes at least 1 hr. from Spokane, so please plan for that, and the last bit can be tricky, so pad your time for slow roads. 

Sunday, please be at wax tent 1.5 hrs. prior to your race-classic days are trickier with waxing. 

SATURDAY: Skate sprint

SUNDAY: Classic distance race

Should be fun, Spokane puts on a really fun race, and they provide lunch in their lodge afterwards.