PNSA Waxing Protocol JNQ Races 2020-2021

Submitted by claire on Wed, 12/16/2020 - 09:35


All skiers competing at PNSA JNQ races agree to use the following non-fluorinated glide waxes, where the wax to be used for each race is designated by the race organizing committee. The race organizers will evaluate the weather forecast and announce the glide wax to be used for all competitors by 9am Pacific Time, 2 days prior to the first race of the weekend. The glide wax choice will be communicated by the race organizer to entrants and coaches, and posted on the PNSA Nordic website. Per US Ski and Snowboard regulations, fluorinated kick and grip products are also banned. The glide wax choices for the 2020/2021 season are:

  • Cold conditions – Swix High Speed 5 (Solid/Liquid)
  • Medium conditions – Swix High Speed 6 (Solid/Liquid)
  • Warm conditions- Swix High Speed 8 (Solid/Liquid)

A link to a list of non-fluorinated kick waxes and klisters can be found on the PNSA website. No restriction is placed on choice of ski grind or structure application.

Racers must follow the US Ski and Snowboard guidelines on cleaning skis after use at any FIS race where fluorinated waxes are allowed. Those procedures can be found here:

If it is discovered that fluorinated products have been applied to an athlete’s skis, whether known or unknown to the athlete, they will be subject to US Ski and Snowboard’s disciplinary action. Those policies and procedures can be found here:

It is up to all of us: coaches, parents, and athletes to control adherence to the waxing protocol

Using fluorinated wax products in USSS NRL Races is cheating.