Plain WNC race schedule!

Plain has organized itself to put on 3 Washington Nordic Cup races. 

Plain will organize 3 WNCs in February. It will be a lot but we are hoping to keep it to the minimum. The goal is to have barebone racing.

There will be no awards. Social distancing rules as much as possible and mask wearing up to the start point and right after the finish.

It is hard to keep the young ones on that schedule but we need to do our best.

The goal is come and get your bib, warm up, race, cool down and leave. We want to try to limit interaction after and during the race between teams if possible. That is where social distancing is most problematic between communities. I am less worried about the race per say.

Races will all be Sundays mid day to avoid cluster on our trail system. 

February 7th, 21st and 28th will be the dates.

Next week will be a classic race, the 21st will be a skier cross skating, the last one is still TBD at this point.

We are hoping to get some head to head format to shorten the length of the event.


Since we cannot do awards, if enough teams come, we will tally up the overall standings. 

More info to come.

Hope you can make it.

Here are the registration links.