Koos Cruisers 2/11 & 2/13

Last official week!


I was really, really hoping that winter would arrive in February like it did last year, but so far no such luck. Next week is mid-Winter Break for the Cascade School System, so coaches and kids are sparse. If we have snow to ski on we will be skiing informally at the normal practice times. Information in next week's newsletter.


Tuesday, February 11

Classic Ski

Icicle River Trails




Thursday, February 13

Skate Ski

SkiSporten/Doughnut Hunt


Icicle River Trails

3:45-5ish (this one might run a bit long)


**Drop off and Pick up will both be at the Leavenworth Fish Hatchery, 12790 Fish Hatchery Rd, Leavenworth, WA 98826. We are allowed to park in front of the office buildings but please don't drive past the Stop Sign. If you are staying to ski or to help out you are welcome to stay parked there for the duration (we won't get locked in). There is also a parking lot just outside the gate if the spaces inside get filled up.


For the SkiSporten/Doughnut Hunt we'll group the Koos Cruisers with a parent, a coach or a Senior Ski Team member and let them loose on the back loop to ski around to different stations that will be set up. They will get checked off for completing the stations and then earn a doughnut.

If your child should not have a doughnut please let me know, and if you could let me know what a suitable snack might be I'll try to have that available.


Skiathon Pledges - if you have them, please bring to either practice this week. Please make checks out to "LWSC Nordic". Alternatively, pledges can also be done online (just be sure to check the box next to "Nordic Team") or mailed to:


attn: Nordic

PO Box 573

Leavenworth, WA  98826


And Thank You!!