Koos Cruisers 1/14 & 1/16


It's finally looking and feeling a lot like winter around here!


Tuesday, January 14th

Icicle River Trails

Skate Skis *


Thursday, January 16th

Ski Hill

Classic Skis *


Tuesday Notes: We will be sorting the skiers into their coaching groups. It's looking like it will be a little chilly so I'm attaching a sorting chart. I will have a sorting hat that I will be running around with, but if you can help guide your child towards the correct animal-hat-wearing coach it will speed up the process and we can get them all skiing sooner. And a headlamp in a pocket isn't a half-bad idea.


* Remember to tag your child's skis & poles with their name. We've already had a pole swap! It's bound to happen regardless (especially when we're skiing into the dark), but it's easier to return them to the rightful owners when they're labeled.


Thursday Notes: After you connect your skier to their coach, head on up to the Lodge - I'll meet you there with answers to all of your questions, Team Jackets & Koos Hats and a volunteer sign up sheet.


KC sorting 2020
Koos Cruiser Sorting 2020