Hills & Glide Clinic Sign-ups

NEW in 2021!! Locals Nordic Ski Clinics.

Improve your skate skiing with a Hill & Glide Clinics, designed to fine tune your skills and get you skiing better than ever before!

Details - Mostly Hills

WHO: You!
WHAT: Skate Clinic - Hill Focused
WHERE: Icicle River Trails
WHEN: Friday, February 12, 8:30-10:30am
WHY: Hills are FUN when you know how to tackle them!
HOW MUCH: $45 per person

Are you ready to fly up hills on your Skate skis? Our PSIA certified Instructor, Gretchen Daiber will help you improve your efficiency, form, and technique so you can skate up hills effortlessly (or at least make it look that way). Starting on flat ground, you’ll learn the body positions and movement patterns you’ll need to impress your friends and tackle the steepest terrain our trails have to offer!

Details - Improve Your Glide

WHO: You!
WHAT: Skate Clinic - Glide Focused
WHERE: Ski Hill Trails
WHEN: Monday, February 15, 9:30-11:30am
WHY: If you aren't getting the most out of your glide you're working too hard!
HOW MUCH: $45 per person

It’s time to maximize your glide! Work with Certified PSIA Instructor Tom Heywood in a Skate Ski Clinic designed to help you improve your ski glide in varied terrain and conditions. Starting with a simple yet effective dry land movement pattern, you’ll quickly overcome some of the common movement issues that limit your skiing. Learn how fitness, ski conditions, wax, equipment, technique, and dry land movement pattern training can all play a role in improving your glide.


Class sizes are limited, so fill out this form today to reserve your spot!