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Annual Meeting

Our Annual Meeting of the Membership is:
March 5th - 6:30PM at The Ski Hill Lodge.

You must be a current member and 18 years old to vote. Your vote will be void if you are not a current/supporting member.

Head to our Annual Meeting Event page to vote ahead of the Annual Meeting Click Here


Board members are elected at the Annual Membership Meeting from candidates nominated by the Board or by nomination of the members. Candidates must be current members of the LWSC in good standing.
Members shall have the right to vote at the Annual Membership Meeting, on candidates for the Board of Directors. Voting rights are granted to all members over 18 years of age.
6:30 Doors Open
6:30-7:00 Social (Poster Boards with financials, year round operations, projects)
7:00-7:30  Welcome & Updates on the Club: Introductions, Overview of our Winter Operations, Events, Junior Teams, etc
7:30-7:45 Nominations/Elections
7:45-8:00 For those who want:  Q&A Period (Financials, Operations, Projects etc)
8:00  Wrap up Meeting

Board Member Nominees

Jesse Boyd Jesse Boyd

Why are you interested in becoming a board member? In order to further the growth and  development of the LWSC.

A little bit about Jesse: I was born and raised in Leavenworth, attended college for Business Management, spent 6 years as a Helitack firefighter and Helicopter Manager, and moved back to Leavenworth to work with the family business approx 2 years ago. I've grown up around the LWSC, using it's trail systems and jumping at a young age under the coaching of Kjell Bakke. I'm an advocate of all things outdoors and spend as many days off as possible in the winter chasing snow.



Stella DayStella Day

Why are you interested in becoming a board member? As an avid winter enthusiast, I would be thrilled to contribute toward the longevity of the Leavenworth Winter Sports Club by serving on the board. I believe that the LWSC is a huge asset to our community and is one of the reasons I chose to live here. I would like to give back to the LWSC and work to ensure that this organization can thrive and grow for generations to come.

A little bit about Stella: Originally from Bellingham, I grew up skiing whenever I could. I graduated from the University of Oregon, where I studied city planning and public policy. I spent the next five years skiing powder and working in Alta, Utah and bike touring through the US/Europe in the summer. Seeking a new challenge, I went back to school and am now a Fourth Grade teacher in Wenatchee. I feel very fortunate to make Leavenworth my home. I spend my free time being active outside including biking, hiking, and of course, backcountry, alpine and nordic skiing!








Jon Croy

Jon Croy

Why are you interested in becoming a board member? Since we built our house in Leavenworth we've supported the LWSC with a family membership. I am a huge fan and proponent of the community. I see LWSC as one of several organizations driving community development and growth. Leavenworth is the premier weekend vacation destination in the PNW and the LWSC should be an integral part of the Leavenworth experience. Being new to the community and currently a part-timer, I see a role for myself representing the part-timers and tourists while growing my relationships with local businesses.

A little bit about Jon: I am a husband, a father of two teenage boys, a tech entrepreneur / business owner and an outdoorsman. My wife and I chose to build in Leavenworth because of the year-round opportunities to be outside. I'm a mountain biker, road cyclist, classic and downhill skier. Hiking is something I do with people who don't do other sports. Tubing is something I do to relax and cool off in the summer heat. I can often be found in local tasting rooms, breweries and restaurants and have developed several friendships over the past few years. My wife and I feel strongly about supporting the local community. For example, we overheard some locals talking about not being able to find housing. Although we were making more money offering short term rental of our studio apartment, we decided to offer below market rent for locals. I look forward to exploring the requirements of the board members and am hopeful it will be a good fit.




Mary Jo Sanborn

Mary Jo Sanborn

Why are you interested in becoming a board member? My husband and I moved to Leavenworth in 2000 and the LWSC has been an important part of our lives ever since. Our two boys spend many hours running laps on the big tow. We love to Nordic ski as well and use the heck out of all of the LWSC locations. I have come to really appreciate the amazing job LWSC staff do keeping our trails in great shape under such variable conditions and providing such a fun environment. It's important to me to support the club the best I can, as it's such an important part of our community. I've helped write grants for the club and have been coaching Jackrabbits for the last couple of years. I feel that I could be an effective Board member and contribute towards long-term planning and the implementation of upcoming projects.

A little bit about Mary Jo: Born and raised in a Chicago suburb, I started alpine skiing at age nine and Nordic skiing in my twenties. I attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison and have been working in Natural Resources for over 20 years. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends skiing, biking and hiking!





Barb Kelly Ringel

Barb Kelly Ringel

Why are you interested in becoming a board member? I've been a member of LWSC since 1993 and, a nordic ski coach for about 10 years. Priorities for me: 1. As a club, communicate with our members, provide opportunity for involvement, and a quality product. 2. Revenue is important for the club and we need to be thoughtful in how we operate 3. Support the educational mission of our club especially our nordic, alpine, and lesson programs. 4. Good board functioning with open communication and a willingness to put in the hard work.

A little bit about Barb: I grew up in Minnesota, started alpine skiing at age 10 and nordic ski racing with the Stillwater High School Team my senior year. I always say you never know where a sport may take you and I have been racing ever since, coaching, and passing my love of skiing onto my kids and others. My son and daughter both skied with the alpine and nordic teams, with Kieran skiing 3x at Junior Nationals and Aidan a one type Bakke Cup winner. I love many outdoor and endurance activities. I work as a fisheries biologist, and with my office right on the Icicle River Trails I get out often.





Ingrid Delzer

Ingrid Delzer

Why are you interested in becoming a board member? I am interested in becoming a board member because I truly value the recreational opportunities, trails, and activities made possible by Ski Hill, the trails, and the Leavenworth Winter Sports Club.  Year-round I try to be at Ski Hill or the Fish Hatchery, on the XC trails or the singletrack as much as possible, going there to recreate sometimes almost five days a week.  Now, with a young daughter and a growing family, I realize that the Leavenworth Winter Sports Club will become an even more important part of our lives and this community for us. I'd love to help support this amazing organization however I can, while working towards continuing to grow the resources and opportunities for many different types of users in responsible and positive ways.

A little bit about Ingrid: I'm a mom, wife, and skier who moved to Leavenworth almost six years ago after meeting my now-husband, visiting him here several times and falling in love with the place and the community here (and of course Jim, too). We have a two year old daughter and another kid on the way and we love being outside as much as possible--solo, together, and with the whole family--biking, running, hiking, and skiing.




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