Updating LWSC By-Laws

Adoption of updated By-Laws

Our current by-laws were adopted in 1993 and amended in 2008 and 2012.  Much has changed with our club and how we operate and the board is adopting by-laws that reflect this.

Please provide us with your thoughts prior to or at the Annual Meeting on March 6 at the Ski Hill Lodge. The board plans to adopt these new by-laws after this year’s annual meeting. 

Previous Bylaws 2008

Bylaws Update 2012

Proposed Bylaws Update 2017

Letter to Leavenworth Winter Sports Club Members

Proposed changes to the LWSC By-laws

January 21, 2017

The Leavenworth Winter Sports Club (Club) has, out of necessity, been evolving over the past years. We have improved and added venues such as the tubing hill and the patio at the Ski Hill Lodge, modified programs and made the difficult decision to change the season pass structure and increase pass rates in order to remain a viable and sustainable organization. Some of these changes have created a need to update the Club’s bylaws.

The Board has spent months discussing, debating and, at times, asking pointed questions of each other regarding the changes. We have finally completed our proposed changes and now ask for your help to review the proposed bylaws.  Please provide us with your thoughts prior to or at the Annual Meeting on March 6 at the Ski Hill Lodge. The Board hopes to adopt these new bylaws at the annual meeting or shortly thereafter. You can send your comments to info@skileavenworth.com or contact any of the Board members at the email addresses provided at the end of this letter.

There are numerous changes intended to simply the bylaws and others that are fundamental shifts. The comparison table below is a summary of the fundamental changes.


Current Bylaws

Proposed Bylaws

Reason for the change

I - Membership

Purchasing a season pass made you a member for that season.

Purchasing a membership provides benefits depending on the type of membership;


Family, Individual,  Business members  – season passes, voting  rights and benefits.


 Supporting members – voting rights and benefits only.

Adding the new membership types that have different associated benefits, but still allows them to vote on Club issues, required this change.


Membership Voting – Family membership allowed two votes and Individuals one vote.

All members over 18 can vote.

Simply reflecting the changes in membership

II – Management /

Board of Directors

Current Board has six Directors.

The Board could have up to twelve Directors.

As the Club evolves to meet changing needs, it may be beneficial to have more Directors.


Election of Directors :

Nominations take place at the Annual Meeting and if needed, voting is performed by mail-in balloting.

Election of Directors: Nominations will occur up to one month prior to the Annual meeting. Candidate names and their brief statement will be posted on the Club’s website. Votes can be made electronically, or on the night of the Annual Meeting

This change is intended to improve the election process and to reduce costs.


Term limits - None

Limited to two consecutive terms. Can run again after a minimum one-year hiatus

Simply to promote and encourage new Director participation

Article IV – Divisions of the Club


Established Alpine and Nordic Divisions

Eliminates Divisions

The Club functionally operates as a single organization. We account for and track revenues and expenses to know where we can improve or reduce costs and where we are providing value for our members.  The Board felt maintaining Nordic and Alpine Divisions no longer provided the intended value.


Article IV (Proposed Bylaws)

The proposed bylaws do provide for the establishment of committees as determined by the Board.  This is a new addition to the bylaws.


Articles V-X

Minor changes to these Articles but aspects of the current Articles have been incorporated into

Articles IV through IX of the proposed by laws.


Thank you for taking the time to review the proposed changes. Please contact any Board member with your questions and we hope to see you at the Annual Meeting on March 6 at 5:00p to 6:30p at the Ski Hill Lodge.




Board Members

Brett Johnson – President              President@SkiLeavenworth.com 

Rob Fallon – Vice President           VicePresident@SkiLeavenworth.com

Shaun Seaman – Sec/Treasurer    secretary@skileavenworth.com

Todd Smith                                        Nordic3@SkiLeavenworth.com

Kevin Rieke                                       Nordic1@skileavenworth.com                                                                

Marcus Wells                                    Open5@SkiLeavenworth.com


Eliminating this section changed the structure of the Board and now each Board member represents the entire membership instead of having Alpine, Nordic and Open positions